Glass Fibre Mouldings

Fibreglass roofs. Braunton. Barnstaple.
Specialist in GRP mouldings. 

££££ Competitive Pricing ££££

Flat Roofs, Shed Roofs, Boats, Trawlers, Canoes, Kayaks, Ponds, Tanks & much more.

Please call today for a quote. Fibreglass roofs

We make body panels for a variety of specialist vehicles from high performance cars to emergency and agricultural vehicles. Specialist forms of resin and matting can be constructed to meet particular needs such as increased strength to weight ratio or fire retardant qualities. This has the advantage that “tooling up” for moderate volume production is a much less costly process than would be the case for steel or aluminium panels and tanks. Contact us to establish how our processes and products can meet your exact needs.

We can build bespoke items such as storage kiosks or machine covers. These can have a smooth, gloss or textured finish and incorporate ventilation if required. Fibreglass roofs. Braunton. Barnstaple. 

We can also repair and adapt existing tanks, containers and kiosks to your specifications.

Whether it is the tank of a large public fountain such as the one in the Town Square at Barnstaple or a series of connected pools with a fountain in a private garden, I can design and build to your requirements.

We can replicate sections so as to renovate and enhance an existing feature or build from scratch. Fibre Fibreglass roofs. Braunton. Barnstaple.


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