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Water Fed Pole System

The water fed pole window cleaning method has revolutionised the window cleaning industry as the benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods by far. By using 100% pure laboratory-graded water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 22 metres/72 feet.  The result is a more efficient, more effective and safer delivery of service in less time.

Surprisingly these latest systems use only pure, filtered water to achieve perfect results. The soft bristle brush removes dirt particles and smears on the glass whilst the pure water can be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains. This technique also means windows stay clean for longer, as there is no soap residue to mix with rain and create stains later. Windows Cleaning. Braunton. Barnstaple

There are no Health and Safety risks impeding its use in any way, making it the safest and most cost effective window cleaning method with excellent results. On average, compared to other access methods, we save our clients over 40% of their total cleaning costs with the use of this safe and reliable system. Windows Cleaning. Braunton. Barnstaple

I highly recommend it to my clients.

The benefits of pole window cleaning using the Water Fed Pole System are:
Both windows and frames cleaned each and every time Window cleaning up to a height of approx 22 metres/72 feet No need for ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers Reduced Health and Safety risks Cleans windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, panelling, cladding and solar panels Operators work from the safety of the ground (a 100% safe window cleaner) Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease Environmentally friendly, as no chemicals are ever used. Windows Cleaning. Braunton. Barnstaple

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